Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mistletoe! ::snicker::

This Christmas I'm putting mistletoe in my back pocket so that all the people who hate me can kiss my ass! ::smile::

Thursday, December 10, 2009


In 2007, Ryan Skipper was stabbed to death in Central Florida because he was gay . In 2009, two men were found guilty in separate trials of butchering Ryan, and were sentenced to life terms in state prison. Prosecutor Cass Castillo and Circuit Judge J. Michael Hunter powerfully and explicitly stated in a Bartow courtroom that Ryan Skipper was murdered because he was gay. (Produced by Vicki Nantz; more info at www.RyanSkipperDocumentary.com.)

STAND UP AGAINST HATE! Rest in Peace dear Ryan! You're now in HEAVEN where there is NO HATE!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Man as Big as a Barn...

The man who is "big as a barn" (starting at around 3:23) is one of my best friends (we've been friends for more than a decade). Scottie is a doll (and isn't even close to being as scary as he looks in this video ~ just don't piss him off.. hahaha). Great song too!

Can you say 6'6" Gentle GIANT? LOL
Who needs a big stick when you Scottie as your friend? ::snicker::

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There's the Door....

The way I see it is, anyone who doesn't respect OUR President (Our Commander and Chief), and doesn't like the way OUR Country is being run, is welcome to leave. No one is keeping you here, are they? I'm sure you'll find another Country better to your liking! ::big toothy grin::

Ya know, folks fuss about immigrants. They preach that if they don't want to Pledge Allegiance to OUR Flag, and they don't want to learn OUR language, then there's the door, don't let it hit your hiney on the way out. Well, isn't the disrespect that some of our natural born citizens showing the same thing?

After all, if you're so gosh darn unhappy, why stay? Life is way too short!!!

Just my opinion. ::smile::

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Conservative Mind

I saw this on another blog and felt it was worthy of reposting! No truer words ever spoken. The author, New England Indy, says that it belongs to us all and to feel free to pass it around. :-)


I came to ponder one day on reflection
The conservative mind and their lack of direction
I wondered how people that should be united
Would need to have guns to intimidate and frighten
It came to me quickly and so very clear
That the conservative mind is too full of fear
They fear terrorist and Marxist and socialist and such
They fear liberals who fought for their right to be nuts
They fear black men and brown men and red men and yellow
They fear gay men and lesbians who are gentle and mellow
They fear progress that will better the life of us all
They fear truth cause the truth only leads to their fall
They fear teaching the public the power of knowledge
They fear all the people that made it through college
They fear that a brown girl is now in the SCOTUS
And that SCOTUS could not keep a black man from POTUS
They fear Randi and Keith and Ms. Rachel Maddow
These conservatives are even afraid of their shadow
It must be a bummer to live in such fear
To be such a coward that the truth can't show clear
They promote war and death as they claim they're pro life
Yet they won’t volunteer to fight in such strife
They're wrapped in a flag with a bible for show
But will never adhere to the words that bestow
They will claim that they worship the word of the Lord
While defending the need to apply waterboard
How could we wander within eight short years
From a beacon of freedom to a cauldron of tears
Conservatives need to go back to their mantra
Before Rush and Beck and Fox propaganda
It isn’t to late for the right to repent
For the lies that they spew and their hateful intent
Conservatives seem to care more for their pets
Than the strife of our homeless or the health of our vets
They protest government intrusion in life
Unless your a lesbian in love with your wife
Or a gay man who just wants to be with his lover
Or a woman too weak to give birth to another
Compassion is void in the conservative mind
Where women don't speak, they just stand behind
Their husbands that stray from their marriage vow
While claiming that they are holier than thou
So, What can be said to the conservative mind
Where logic and reason has been left behind
There’s one biblical saying that will always hold true
Do unto others as they would do unto you.

–By New England Indy


New England Indy says:
Awhile back I posted a poem in progress... I have to go but I will leave you with the finished product. Take it as your own... post it... pass it around... It belongs to us all.

Sunday, October 18, 2009



Saturday, October 17, 2009

All NAY votes came from REPUBLICANS!

30 male Republican Senators defend huge corporations against the plague of gang-rape victims... JUST SICKENING!

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