Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There's the Door....

The way I see it is, anyone who doesn't respect OUR President (Our Commander and Chief), and doesn't like the way OUR Country is being run, is welcome to leave. No one is keeping you here, are they? I'm sure you'll find another Country better to your liking! ::big toothy grin::

Ya know, folks fuss about immigrants. They preach that if they don't want to Pledge Allegiance to OUR Flag, and they don't want to learn OUR language, then there's the door, don't let it hit your hiney on the way out. Well, isn't the disrespect that some of our natural born citizens showing the same thing?

After all, if you're so gosh darn unhappy, why stay? Life is way too short!!!

Just my opinion. ::smile::


Jim said...

I missed this one somehow Angie. Yep, I agree completely!