Sunday, January 4, 2009

To Switch or Not to Switch?

My son had a project to do at the end of last semester. The project was to make a 30 second video advertisement for a product of their own choosing. Well, anyone who knows my son would know that he'd pick something Apple related. LOL

Each student was to do everything from filming, to script writing, lighting, editing, and voice overs.. you name it, it was part of that project.

He used my daughter (Sarah) as the actress in the video. Sarah is really shy so for her to even allow this to be posted on a web site is a BIG deal! She doesn't like her image out there at all.

A few things to note on the video.
Blue Screen of Death: This was photo shopped in along with Sarah's 'reflection' in the blue screen. William filmed a blank/black monitor.
The blue hue you see on the keyboard, and on Sarah, from the Blue Screen of Death, was also photo shopped in.
He also used an older MAC laptop in the advertisement because Apple no longer uses the "switch" ads.. thus using his new one would have seemed out of place for anyone who is familiar with Apple.

I know the hours he spent filming this, and editing it. It was a great deal of work. But, in my opinion, he achieved very professional results.

Grade on the project: A (99% ~ I'm not sure what he got marked off on).

Now, before y'all fuss at me for bragging on my kids again.. I'm sorry, I can't help myself!! Biased me thinks he did an excellent job, and she was wonderful in her acting and voice overs.

If y'all would like to see any of his other work here's his NEW YT channel:

Below is his old channel that he no longer uploads new videos on. If you don't do anything else on his channels, check out his new introduction which is featured on the below channel ~ I think it's cool:

Sarah's Channel.. it's secret! Like I said, she's shy! =)

I hope all y'all have a GREAT week!!! *big hugs*

Special Note: Always remember, squirrels have feelings too!!! =)~~


Sue said...

Oh my gosh your kids are ADORABLE! I watched William's video about the lighting also. Sarah did a great job and has a great speaking voice. They both express themselves really well!

And regarding bragging on your kids, if your mom won't brag on you, who will? I mean, isn't that like, OUR JOB??

Angie ^i^ said...

Aw Sue, thanks!!! I think they're pretty adorable myself (but then again, I'm still being biased, lol).

HAHA, you watched the "worst gift ever" that wasn't so bad afterall! That was one of those "I told you so" moments! I get so FEW of them.

You're right, part of our Mom'job is to brag! Thanks for the reminder. I sometimes forget the rules! *smile*

Sue said...

Well, there's humble bragging and then there's obnoxious bragging. This is humble bragging and I like seeing parents who are proud of their kids.

Jim said...

Angie you should be proud. That was great acting by Sarah and great video work and editing by William. Hey the message is right on also. I love my mac after making the switch last year. Those blue screens used to hit me all the time. LOL I'll go check out the YT channels.

Anonymous said...

Awe that was sooo good and yes Adorable is the key word for Sarah.

You should be proud Angie!