Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Owlet

With the exception of the birth of my children, this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

Up against the bathroom window there are several bamboo shoots. My daughter was taking a shower today and noticed this rather large, odd shaped "bird" up against the window on one of the dead shoots. After her shower she came and got me. I then looked out the window with her (which is the type of glass you can't see clearly through) and couldn't figure out what type of bird it was. Sarah told me she thought maybe it was a baby owl. I was like.. no way.. it couldn't be... Needless to say, I went to investigate. Sure enough, it was a precious little owlet.

I tried to capture a picture of it with the digital camera (without getting too close to the baby), but the zoom wouldn't bring me in as far as I needed it to. I then got the 35 mm camera (which is professional quality with a great lense), but the battery was dead. That's when I asked my son to film the baby. Which he did.

The above video is what he posted on his YT channel and the "pictures" are still shots from that video.

I saw a miracle today. Something I hear is so incredibly rare. Had my daughter not put the "owl" bug in my ear, I don't think I would have ever given it a second thought. I was given a gift today... I'm still totally wow'd!!!

I of course got a little worried because it was all by itself, so I did a little research on the net. Based on its size (about 6 inches tall and covered with what I think is called down), the owlet is between 7 and 8 weeks old. It advised to not get too close (which we didn't), but to keep an eye on it. It also stated that if it was moving well, and plump, that it more than likely wandered off and that chances are the "orphaned" owlet's Mother would find it around dusk. Sure enough, baby is now safely home with Mom.

NOTE: Never plant bamboo. One of my neighbors did, but he didn't do it properly, thus it has taken over the neighborhood. It's a menus to society!!!


Sue said...

How cute! Now that's something you don't see everyday.

Angie ^i^ said...

Hey Sue, this is probably something I'll never ever get to see again (at least not in this lifetime).

My Mom adores owls, but in her 72 years of life, has never seen one that wasn't in captivity. I called her tonight to tell her about this sweet little owlet and she was so jealous. I wish Mom could have been here to see it, I would have passed up my moment to give this one to her.

Anonymous said...

Angie that's a great vid. We have owls around here, but they are so hard to see. I'd like to have a view like that. I have this visual of you guyz all running around looking for a camera .. heh .. very well done!

Angie ^i^ said...

Solie, we got within about 15-20 feet of it, but dared not get any closer. I didn't want to spook the baby (who was already in a place it knew it didn't belong).

The cameras were easy to find, they were all in my son's room... but, dodging the dog droppings in the back yard was quite the challenge! A challenge I might add that I failed. By the way, I was barefoot. EW!

Jim said...

Great video Angie. I've never seen a baby owl before.