Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Distorted Truth

I was talking to my ex husband last night on the phone and the conversation turned to politics. I asked him who he was voting for, his reply: "McCain". Then I asked him "why?", his reply was: "Sarah Palin is HOT and Obama is a Muslim who wasn't born in the US". *scratching chin* Evidently Hawaii has done what Palin hoped Alaska would do and they've become their own country, and the new name for Christianity is "Muslim". I then asked my ex, "Bill, what are McCain's policy's, where does he stand on the issues?"... >crickets< ... more >crickets< .. I found that funny because that's the same thing I've seen here in the blogs. Everyone can easily smear Obama, but it seems no one can tell me what they feel are McCain's attributes! Interesting!

Moral of the Story: You don't have to stand for anything so long as you're good at distorting the truth of your opponent.

Note: I'd think at this point, since every vote counts, people would spend time trying to change my vote in a way that would work, instead of bonding with those who are already planning to vote for McCain by slinging mud at Obama. But then again, sometimes logic just doesn't make sense to some!

My favorite response to asking fellow bloggers to teach me to LOVE their candidate verses trying to get me to hate mine:
"It's not my job to educate you".
Translation: "I don't know McCain's attributes"!

Cute little tidbit: My ex husband graduated from an Ivy league college with a degree in Political Science!



Country Comes To Town said...

Angie that's been my experience as well. Every time I hear someone saying Obama is a Muslim and not a citizen, I've discovered the person doesn't have a clue about where the candidates stand on the issues. They're just trying to tear down one candidate. Often I suspect that it's their convenient way of attacking him because of his race. At least that's been my experience from the people that have pulled that on me.

Anonymous said...

Okay, girlie!! That "Ivy League School" shot was meant for me! (grin) and you missed, because I conveniently ducked behind my own "well rounded" education! Sure, Berkeley-setters and Ivy Leaguers can vote - even believe - republican. Happens (hopefully) all the time. It's the Molotov people we can do without!

Distortion is distortion and truth is truth. If one distorts the truth, it's PC-speak for a lie. There is still no clear answer on BOs citizenship. None. Disregarding his "faith", I'd like to know a little more about his allegiance ... from his own mouth. Why is this so difficult? This is nothing related to his "stand" upon the issues. We're all pretty clear on those! It's a requirement for the job. We wanna know who the heck you are! Of course, being an American in heart would help. He fails this test, too. Placing two or three different birth certificates on the web to "back" his "non-claim" didn't help his case. McCain answered these questions of himself honestly and quickly.

You can go to the store and WANT to buy all the goodies you can fit in the cart, but unless your wallet supports it, you're coming home with beans and weenies. BO WANTS all these high-dollar things, but amid the "blame Bush" financial crisis - from which we still haven't found a way out - The most the wallet is gonna support is bologna. And it looks like we're gonna have plenty for the next four years.

That dude Paul said...

I take offense to your post about your fellow republican bloggers. You said, "It's not my job to educate you".
Translation: "I don't know McCain's attributes"!

Well guess what...YOU should already know McCain's stance. If you dont, how do you know he isn't the candidate for you.

As for me...I may not know all of either candidates platforms, but I can tell you what I do know...

1. B.O. has ties (no matter how limited they may be) to known terrorists.

2.B.O. plans to hand out money to people who dont pay into the federal tax system (THATS WELFARE).

3. B.O. wants to cut military spending 25%. I can tell you for fact that our military is stretched to its breaking point. Making our military any less stronger than what we already are will cripple us WHEN (not if) another 9-11 happens.

You're right Angie, I may not know McCains stance on everything. But the above mentioned is all I need to know about B.O. to make me say "no" change.

Sue said...

Angie, you still don't have an answer to your question, do you? We have Paul saying he's offended, and both Solie and Paul either attacking or pointing out what's wrong with O, but not one word as to McCain's attributes or policies, which is a legitimate question to ask.

Angie ^i^ said...

Jim ~ I agree with you! Using my ex as an example once more, I (and his son) truly believe he's voting how he's voting because of Race and no other reason.

Angie ^i^ said...

Solie ~ the Ivy League comment really wasn't directed at you (though I'm glad you chose to duck out of the way because the next time.. ya never know), it was a comment as to my ex's education level and his major. I find it odd that he has false and shallow reasons for voting for McCain, yet can't tell me a single thing that McCain (or Obama for that matter) stands for.. Sadly enough, there are so many others just like him!

I'm actually glad you chose to respond to this blog. If anyone were to take my "challenge" and truly wanted to try to sway me to the other side, I believe that not only would you be complete and thorough with your points, but you'd be quite convincing in the process! You (and a few others including Martha) speak to me with a mature, rational tongue without resorting to belittling me or being condescending! That is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Angie ^i^ said...

Paul, my statement regarding lack of knowledge was not directed at all my fellow Republican bloggers (or you for that matter), it was directed solely at the one person who chose to make that statement to me! Said person has questioned my level of intelligence and common sense on more than one occasion, yet they seem to fail at answering a simple request (that, let me point out, wasn't made towards them in the first place).
Response ~~> Singular
Translation ~~> Singular as well!
I say what I mean Paul, and if I meant it as a plural mud'sling, I would have stated it as such!

Now, stop being offended and give me a big ol' SMILE! =)

As far as you questioning my level of knowledge, yes, I'm quite familiar with McCain's stance on many issues, I've also compared his stance to Obama's! But, just like you, I can't possibly know everything now can I? Thus, hearing other's interpretations of McCain's policies and stances on issues MAY just sway me! Unlike the Obama haters that are evident in these blog postings, I have an open mind! I'm willing to listen to the positive with a non-biased ear! But, all I hear, unfortunately, is mud'linging and condensation. Since every vote counts and y'all know that trashing my candidate doesn't work with me, I'd think you'd try to teach me the error of my ways by singing McCain's praises!

My question next would be to the street walkers who hold up the McCain signs and wave at people who pass by. If someone walked up to you and said: "Without trashing Obama, please tell me why I should vote for your candidate". Would the response be a condescending: "It's not my job to educate you"? If they pulled such a stunt my guess is, McCain himself or his campaign directors would yank that person off the street so fast their head would spin! So, why is it acceptable here in the blogs to be so ugly when it wouldn't be acceptable in public?

Once again, is the ugliness really necessary?

Angie ^i^ said...

Sue ~ I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll never get that answer. Since every vote does count and no one cares to even attempt to sway mine, then I shall go to the voting booth and cast my vote for Obama!

Obama and President Clinton will be here in central Florida again tomorrow night.. it sucks though as my son has a scheduling conflict so once again, we'll be missing yet another piece of history being made! =(

By the way.. I'm a duck! *smile* I'll reply to your PM shortly.

Sue said...

Be the duck!

Angie ^i^ said...


Anonymous said...

Angie, we're all very passionate about events unfolding this election year. As you have said, many people don't go into near enough detail in whatever research they do on the candidate of their choice. The acid test is when one asks, like you did, what it is about a particular platform that makes someone for or against a candidate. Silence, in a case like that, is truly sad. I would much rather like to hear what people actually like about Obama than how hozed up McCain is, and vice-versa as odd as it seems. I could write a few items about what I like in McCain. I could give you a UPS pup trailer full of reasons I don't like Obama. This is my stand even discounting the untrue stuff about him.

Angie ^i^ said...

Ya know Solie, I'm not ignorant nor am I lacking common sense (as has been stated, but not by you), but my desire to hear alternate positive view points got me labeled as such. I sincerely wanted to hear what everyone was thinking about their candidate of choice.. not because I hadn't done my own research, but simply because none of us knows everything, and everyone's interpretation of what we read and hear is subjective!

I have stifled my view point a lot in recent weeks, but after the rather comical conversation I had with my ex last night, I simply had to make this blog and open my big, opinionated mouth again!

Maybe in 4 years we can be less critical of the opposing candidate, and each other, and focus more on what our candidates bring to the table. I know, I know, I'm dreaming.. but a girl can hope ya know? =)

I was wondering the other day what we'll all talk about after the election was over.. then I realized, one candidate will win, the other will lose (profound observation huh? LOL).. so we'll be getting a lot of "I told you so's", and "can you believe he said/did this/that", "OMG, he just didn't [fill in the blank]", "My candidate would have never [blank]", etc... I don't think we'll be lacking in the continuation of this debate. =)

Anonymous said...

What really sucks, Angie is that I sorta indicted myself on the bad-mouthing thing. About the only defense I have - and it's not so good depending on whose side your on - is that the attention seems terribly stacked in favor of bad-mouthing my guy. Or the closest thing TO my guy given the choices. So subrerrainously (I made that up) I really feel the need to level the playing field. I'm just not good with earth-moving equipment.

Anonymous said...

OK Angie ... and Sue .... Your point is well received. We *have* mentioned those things about the McCain camp that make him our choice. You might need to scan several blogs to see them, but they're there. Here's the Reader's Digest condensed version from the pastry guy:

1) Abortion. McCain speaks to it in words I agree with. No "hibbity-bibbity side-stepping", "not my paygrade" crap. He said his stance in under 3 seconds. Free and cruel abortions meant to avoid the punishment of children and eliminate parental responsibility have no place in this country. Rape and incest are taken into account.

2) Jobs. Here. Cutting down the huge federal bureaucracy full of do-nothing gravy jobs so that money can be returned or retained by people who can provide jobs in this country ... that produce something!

3) Continuation of (relatively) decent funding for the military. We'll never see 250,000 troops or a 600 ship navy again, but Obama wants to slash it where it stands now. Bad move imho. Billy-boy Clinton, not unlike Bill Ayers didn't do enough for Obama apparently.

4) I think I can expect a rational appointment to the Supreme Court from a President McCain. If we don't do something quickly to un-do the terrible hack job the liberals have done on our courts, we're toast. I don't wanna be toast.

As I have said before, McCain is not my ideal candidate, but Obama is so far from anything I stand for that I actually WOULD write in Mickey Mouse if it meant defeating him.

Anonymous said...

Angie, I am working on my response. I have to condense it. lol

It might turn into a blog of answers. lol

Anonymous said...

I posted thoughts on the McCain's stance on the issues. I will say I view politics like religion. I have free will to decide and I don't try to sway anyone to join my religion nor to vote for my candidate. In order to vote, most people pretty much had to look at all parties involved and their issues and decide. So I don't think there is any "swaying" involved.

Besides why would you even want us to try to sway you to vote for McCain, according to you and Jim - He isn't educated enough to be in office. According to you and Jim's comments on this blog, you guys view us as uninformed and stupid too. You two are no different when it comes to tearing down the other candidate. You guys just think your reasoning and points of view are more valid then ours. And, for some reason, Jim loves to throw in the race thing. You yourself stated on one of our blogs that you didn't think he would be elected before of his race. We didn't!
Personally I don't think Obama is Black, so its not race for me. I think he is a Socialist! Plain and simple.

That dude Paul said...

OK Angie... I'll try playing nice (Coy smile on display)..

Hi Angie, I'm not trashing Mr. Obama. However, please refer to items 1 thru 3 on my last comment. Hopefully this will be enough to persuade you to vote Republican.

Have a nice day...

Angie ^i^ said...

Martha, regarding the swaying of votes, EVERYONE (you, me, the media, and the candidates) do it! Every time you post something negative, the hope is that it will strike a nerve with a supporter of his and maybe they'll see the light and vote differently! Why do you think the candidates use smear campaigns??? It's to turn people away from the opposition! They do work with a great deal of voters!! If that tactic wasn't successful, then it wouldn't be utilized at all! I'm not like most though, I'd much rather be swayed by the positive than the negative! I like hearing the passion about the attributes their candidates have! I like hearing their interpretation of the written and spoken word! I'm not so much a fan of twisting the truth or stretching it so far that it almost breaks! But, then again, I never claimed to be part of the norm!

Regarding McCain, never ONCE did I question his level of education. With the exception of a few things (like his choice of Palin, and when he chose to focus 100% of his campaigning on smears), I've NOT said a bad word about him! I have a great deal of respect for the man, and I would never tarnish a man who has not only fought for our country but who was a POW! Heck, I absolutely hate it when they say he was never tortured as a POW, and try to say that he lied about everything while in captivity! Regardless of his treatment (and I pray he wasn't tortured), the fact of the matter is that he was held as a prisoner of war, against his will, and for that, and that alone, he deserves our respect! I may smear Palin a bit, and I may post McCains campaign lies against Obama, but I will never disrespect that man!

Just like Obama, if McCain is elected, I do believe he'll be a good president! We may not see eye to eye on quite a few topics, but as a President, he'll do the best he can!

Thank goodness for the checks and balance system!! I know y'all worry that Obama will be another Castro (LOL, that still makes me laugh), but you need not worry. There is protocol in place to prevent that from ever happening and y'all know that! The president can TRY to get whatever they want passed through congress, but congress doesn't have to pass it.. Thus if it's totally asinine, there's enough members in our Government to over turn it so we need not worry!


Angie ^i^ said...

Aw Paul, you still seem upset me me! =(
Comere and give me a big'ol hug!
I'm sorry my blog posting upset you!!

Angie ^i^ said...

Solie, I appreciate you taking the time to show case the attributes that McCain has that are most meaningful for you! You still had to toss an Obama dig or two in there for good measure though.. which made me laugh!

What I find to interesting about these blog debates we've been in is the amount of passion the Republican's show against not only the Democratic party, the Democratic candidate, but also those who support the Democratic candidate. If we could bottle up that passion and turn it into usable fuel, we'd never have a shortage again!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Honestly Angie I post what I believe to be the truth as I see it about Obama. You call your postings "McCain's campaign lies against Obama" I call mine "Obama hiding his associations and true agenda from the American people".

As for checks and balances and me thinking him a socialist. I believe thats where appointments of federal judges and supreme court justices along with a democratic majority in congress and reductions in the military come into play in my book. After he leaves office, they carry on his legacy.

Anonymous said...

Angie, the "digs" were just for your benefit, and it probably would have sounded more intelligent without them. I have to say again, that I am NOT against you, Jim, Sue, JTP, JSR or E=MC^2 ... I am against Obama. Yes, if the democratic party loves this guy, then I'm against that, too. Policy, not persona. Big difference. I don't need to know your background, 'cuz you're in the same boat I am. Obama is gonna have the button ... you betcha I wanna know every dang thing I can about him.

We have yet to see a believable birth certificate for ol' BO. Why?

Reverend "God Damn America" presided at Obama's wedding etc.., but questioning BO's religious beliefs is off limits, or we're racist? Why? As my pastor would say, "What's up with THAT?"

Nobody knows anything about this guy's past, because it's locked up tighter than Yucca Mountain. Why?

These are real, non-racist "Why's" and they command answers. Changing the focus to some sort of racial attack is part and parcel of a leftist's tactics. I'll bet conservatives stay married longer on average than liberals. Any data chasers out there?

Angie ^i^ said...

Solie, where was McCain born? Was he born on American soil???

Seriously, do you think Obama would have gotten as far as he has if he WEREN'T a natural born citizen of the US? The lawsuit by that PA yahoo was thrown out of court! This by far is the most ludicrous slander campaign thus far!

I don't care if you've seen his birth certificate, or I've seen it, or Samuel the Planted by the Republican Party Plumber has seen it... the powers that be HAVE seen it and verified it which is exactly why that idiot got his lawsuit thrown out of court! What a great way to self promote!

BTW, for the most part, I don't think anyone is against anyone here in the blogs.. we just have very strong differing views! Personally, I like you and Martha a whole lot! =)

Anonymous said...

Senator John McCain was born on a military base in the Canal Zone, he is a “natural born” citizen qualified to serve as president under the Constitution.

“[8 U.S.C. 1403](a) Any person born in the Canal Zone on or after February 26, 1904, and whether before or after the effective date of this chapter, whose father or mother or both at the time of the birth of such person was or is a citizen of the United States, is declared to be a citizen of the United States.”

What powers at be have seen it Angie? Obama has his records sealed up tight. How do you know that his records have been seen, were you there?

In June 2008, New Hampshire resident Fred Hollander, who has filed a suit in U.S. District Court claiming that the Republican candidate is “not a natural born citizen.” In an attempt to prove his argument, the 49-year-old computer programmer filed a subpoena last month seeking McCain’s birth certificate. It goes both ways and the guy berg the filed his against Obama is a democrat too. lol

Anonymous said...

Actually, Angie .. when John McCain was born, CZ was US territory, I believe. Certainly the base is considered to be.

McCain's BC is viewable by the public, with the bonus that it's legit.

Word Verification: "psyratc"
Usage: "I'm becoming psyratc over all this election stuff. Sure hope I don't hurt anyone ... or myself!"

Angie ^i^ said...

I asked you if McCain was born on American soil, and the answer to that is NO! He may be a natural born citizen, but he was not born on American soil! You didn't need to cite that clause as I was fully aware of it, but his citizenship wasn't my question!

And NO, I wasn't there *eyeroll*.. but I trust in our system that all the i's have been dotted and all the t's have been crossed regarding Obama's citizenship! I mean seriously, give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Angie - from my perspective, BO probably is legit on all fronts. Qualifications, BCs ... all that stuff. The people who always seem to wear black suits are pretty dang good at that stuff. It's the overall lack of disclosure that bothers me. Obama simply is not disclosing -- indeed, is actually roadblocking any attempts by the public to seriously look into his remume. I fully expect a thinking public to raise eyebrows on this. With as many legitimate questions as have been raised - partisan or not - unless the skeletons are pretty damning, what's the problem?

Some are betting the skeletons are VERY damning, and being as objective as I can so as to ease your wrath, I can't blame them.

Anonymous said...

Man I HATE Gilda!!

* * * resume * * *