Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Joe the Republican Plant!

Are we to believe the story peddled that Joe was an undecided voter who was trying to get one of the candidates to answer for his plan? That seems to stretch it a bit. He was quite confrontational with Obama: he was aggressive and spoke in sound-bite-ready clips. When he was interviewed by Neil Cavuto after the debate in which he was featured a couple of dozen times, Joe says that Obama did not convince him, that Obama “scared” him and his policies seemed “socialist.” It’s not up to the government to decide what happens to his hard-earned money.

Give me a break. Joe, the undecided voter? Joe was a plant: he’s an attractive, magnetic everyman employed to sell the McCain message in an unconventional way. No wonder Johnnie Boy was so excited to jump on the Joe the Plumber story: Joe was never undecided at all. I might have bought the storyline if Joe hadn’t been so polished, so readily equipped with talking points, in his interviews. But it’s difficult to believe that someone who is undecided at this point might have determined Obama to be a socialist on Wednesday night - at the same time, coincidentally, that the entire Republican establishment unveils a new line of attack according to which Obama is a socialist. B.S.

Wurzelbacher, who says he was playing football outside with his son when he came upon the crowd gathered around Obama, was obviously planted by the Republican party. This would explain how conservative sites got stories posted about him in advance of the debate and how easily everyone else found him for interviews.

Another thing that is suspicious is how was it that a newspaper was present when Joe was watching the debates (see the above picture) if Joe didn't already know his name would be mentioned?

Does Joe know, or is he related to the son-in-law of Charles Keating - from the Keating Five, which, without John McCain, would be the Keating Four. Is it merely a coincidence?? LOL, you decide!

For the record, Joe’s taxes will not go up under Obama’s tax plan. Even the premise is false.

Keep doing the Rally's Joe ~ you're earning every penny they spent on you!

I wish my plants grew this well!!

[note: I wrote very little of the above description, I compiled it and copied it from various sources here on the internet]


Country Comes To Town said...

Angie poor ole Joe just keeps stepping in it. You know, he's hired a publicist now and I'm thinking they might want to limit his time in front of the media. He stepped in it big time today as Shep made him look like a fool on FOX news of all places.

Angie ^i^ said...

Nice little dance there Joe! His handlers really should have duct taped his mouth!!

Their plant is not only being uncovered Jim, but he's not well rehearsed beyond that initial showing! That once WELL SPOKEN man can't even put a complete sentence together now!

You tell me there isn't something REAL fishy going on!

What really burns my ass was something mentioned in that video you referenced! Statements like "Obama will mean the Death of Isreal" is incredibly dangerous to make! Should some group of nutcases believe these smears, we're in for a world of trouble!

This close to the election the crap needs to stop! I give McCain kudo's for his interview with Larry King tonight.. this was by far his best showing! Unfortunately for McCain, these outrageous claims by his supporters will only kick him back instead of lending him a hand to move forward! I'm to the point right now where I'm really starting to feel sorry for McCain.. now I'm still not going to vote for him, but every step he takes forward, is being destroyed by his own supporters!

Country Comes To Town said...

Angie it really is a preposterous statement for Joe to make, given that 75% of Jewish Americans are voting for Barack Obama. I think they are fairly comfortable with Obama's promise to defend Israel.

Angie ^i^ said...

Jim, I decided to give talk radio a listen to this week. They had a caller today say that Obama wasn't a US citizen and that he was born in Kenya.. and that he could ALMOST prove it! He cited that dingbat in PA who placed the lawsuit against Obama!

Anyway, the talk radio DUDE told the caller that he was an idiot and that anyone who believes that [expletives] needed to be committed into an asylum! The caller got noticeably pissed, but before he could fuss at the talk show guy, they just hung up on him and continued on singing the praises of how stupid they felt this man was! It was really quite funny!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with me??? I don't find JTP attractive at all!

WHY am I not getting all this stuff?

Dude asked a question, got a ridiculous answer that people ran with and we're all mad at Joe. Doesn't seem fair, so I'm gonna tilt my head a bit on this one.

I think he needs a publicist now, Jim....some are talking about drafting him into a Rep. job.

I dunno about the "Death of..." comment, Angie. The worst that will happen is BO lost the pro-Israeli vote. It's a pretty big bloc, but hardly the end of Israel.

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