Monday, November 3, 2008

We Care, We Vote

Starbucks Offers Free Coffee On November 4th for those who vote!
Starbucks is doing its part to stimulate civic participation. On November 4th the popular chain will give you a free cup of coffee if you've voted.

We Care! We Vote!
In the blogs here, we're all quite passionate. We're passionate because we care!
We've ALL said things to each other that maybe we shouldn't have. We've said these things because we care about the future of our country! We've cared enough to debate the issues, to question our candidate's qualifications, and to share our personal beliefs.
We may just get down right pissed off at blogs that have been posted, or responses that have been made to those postings ~ but aren't we all so blessed that we live in the good ol' United States of America where we have the right to voice our opinions loudly and proudly in whatever manner we choose to? We have serious blogs, smear blogs, cartoon blogs, funny blogs, and down right insane blogs ~ they're ALL GREAT!!!
WE, in this tiny blog community, care 100%. That's so powerful and we're all so amazingly special because of that fact!
Our little community consists of such incredible people! I for one am so proud to be a part of it!
So tomorrow, have a cup of Starbucks coffee on me! *giggle* Just make sure you tell them that you've "voted" (it's the little code word that I gave them to let them know that I sent you)! *wink*


Country Comes To Town said...

Well said Angie! Hopefully everyone will vote tomorrow. That is truly the only way to make your voice heard in the end.

Angie ^i^ said...

You're right Jim! If we fail to vote, then none of what we've said up to this point really matters!!

I hope you're having a fantastic Monday!!

Anonymous said...

Good post, Angie. Hey I wonder if there will be a up spike in coffee sales on Tuesday nite?

Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Yes, voting is one thing I don't take lightly. Have a great day!

That dude Paul said...

I'll be stopping by and getting mine. I love that place. I think Starbucks laces their stuff with crack.

Of course I'm kidding, but man I am addicted to their mocha....and the vibe inside the place is awesome.

Two places I dont mind paying premieum prices is Starbucks and Cracker Barrel. Their products arent stellar, but they offer a great vibe/experience.

Country Comes To Town said...

Paul I'm not a coffee drinker but I'll right there with you on Cracker Barrel. you've got me thinking pancakes and bacon! ...oh and of course a big glass of sweet tea.

Oshutterup said...

I'm still going to vote, but I'm not sure if I could handle the starbucks coffee - that stuff is strong! LOL

Angie ^i^ said...

Solie, there very well could be!!! My fear is that folks will be so wired that they'll be running around like gerbils in a spinning wheel!! LOL

Angie ^i^ said...

Martha, you have a great day too!!

Angie ^i^ said...

Paul, I love the atmosphere of Starbucks, but I'm not a fan of their coffee! It's way too strong for my liking.. but, give me a Starbucks Venti Cafe Vanilla Frapachino and I'm a happy girl!! =)

Cracker Barrel.. YUM!!! On Black Friday, after shopping for several hours, the kids and I head over to Cracker Barrel to refuel!! It's the one day a year that we always go there!!

Angie ^i^ said...

Aw, comeon Ruthe.. so what if you're wired for the next 48 hours?? LOL